Trade Compliance Salary Survey


Gateway Recruiting released the results of its 2023 Trade Compliance Salary survey.  The survey shows that the demand for trade compliance professionals remains strong and the pool of qualified candidates remains limited. 

Trade compliance groups are expanding not only within the United States but also globally. The data reveals that large multinational corporations are increasing their regional compliance presence in the EU, APAC, and LATAM areas.

This year, the data interestingly shows a rise in compensation within the U.S, while witnessing a drop across most of the rest of the globe. 

Other notable trends include a sustained preference for hybrid work schedules, with many companies still offering 3/2 or 4/1 models. However, fully remote roles have seen a significant decline, accounting for only 10% of job openings in the U.S.

The number of respondents was not cited, though one-half the respondents were Licensed Customs Brokers, with roughly a quarter each from consumer goods and technology firms.

The demand for trade compliance contractors is also on the rise. Many firms are relying on these contractors for specific projects or as temporary solutions during hiring freezes.

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