Honeywell Dealer Indicted for Avionics Exports     


Justice announced the arrest of the principals of a Kansas avionics distributor for  the export of  aviation technology from the United States to Russia and Russian end users located in other countries.

Cyril Buyanovsky and Douglas Robertson owned and operated the transparently named KanRus Trading Company, authorized distributors of BendixKing aircraft control instruments.

Since 2020, the defendants conspired to evade U.S. export laws by concealing and misstating the true end users, value and end destinations of their exports and by transshipping items through third-party countries.

Transshipment points included Germany, the UAE, Cyprus, Laos and Armenia to conceal the true end users and end destinations; funds for the sales flowed from. bank accounts in the UAE, Russia, Cyprus, and Armenia to KanRus’s bank account in the United States

In once instance, a KanRus customer shipped collision avoidance equipment (TCAS)  components from South Sudan to the UAE to KanRus in Kansas. The reported U.S. customs value on the shipment was $100.    

One of the pieces returned for refurbishment was a TCAS computer processor with an inventory sticker from the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB),  the principal intelligence and security agency of the Russian government.

Another transaction involved an EEI that listed the value of the export as $6,118 and the ultimate consignee in  Germany when, in fact, the avionics shipment was valued at $159,625 and was destined for Russia.

In February 2022, Buyanovsky ordered Honeywell BendixKing KT-74 transponders and attempted to ship them to Russia. The shipment was detained by the U.S. Government, after which BIS directly informed him that a license was required to export the KT-74 transponders to Russia.    Buyanovsky then began routing his shipments to a residential address in Cyprus, with later routes including Laos and Armenia.

Two months before his arrest,  Buyanovsky may have concluded that after 14 years, the juice wasn't worth the squeeze.. 

“ I became licensed by the State of Kansas for Health and Sickness Insurance sales. So here I go, much to learn and much to help people. It's a jungle out there with health insurance, and I am hoping to add some clarity and save some money for people,” reads a New Year’s post on his Linked-In profile.



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