Information Systems Technical Advisory Committee 24 July


The Information Systems Technical Advisory Committee (ISTAC) will meet on July 24, 2024, 9:00 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time, in the Herbert C. Hoover Building, Room 3884, 1401 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC (enter through Main Entrance on 14th Street between Constitution and Pennsylvania Avenues). This meeting will be hybrid.

The Committee advises the Department of Commerce (Department) with respect to the following issues:

  1. technical specifications and policy issues relating to those specifications that are of concern to the Department;
  2.  worldwide availability of products and systems, including quantity and quality, and actual utilization of production technology; 
  3. licensing procedures that affect the level of export controls applicable to any commodities, software, or technology;
  4. revisions of the Commerce Control List, including proposed revisions of multilateral controls in which the United States participates;
  5. the issuance of regulations; and
  6. any other matters relating to actions designed to carry out the policy set forth in section 1752 of Export Control Reform Act.

The purpose of the meeting is to have Committee members and U.S. Government representatives mutually review updated technical data and policy-driving information that has been gathered.  [89 FR 56288]


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