State Expands Paraguay Corruption Sanctions


The State Departement designated of the former Director of the Paraguayan Civil Aviation Authority, a current member of the Paraguayan Panel for the Discipline of Judges and Prosecutors  and current Court Clerk Vicente Ferreira for "their involvement in significant corruption."

AP Reports that Paraguay’s attorney general launched a criminal investigation Thursday into U.S. allegations that a former Paraguayan president Horacio Cartes and the current vice president were involved in corruption and had ties to a terrorist group.

The U.S. asserts the porous border region that connects Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay is a hub for money laundering of illicit activity.

In January the State Department issued sanctions against former President and current Vice, citing "systemic corruption that has undermined democratic institutions in Paraguay."

The State Department has said that corruption in Paraguay often prevents convictions in money-laundering and terrorism financing cases.


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