USTR: Hurtado to US Mission to EU


Rufino Hurtado will be the senior trade representative at the US Mission to the European Union in Brussels, the US Trade Representative’s Office reported yesterday.

Mr. Rufino joined USTR in January 2017 in the Office of Agricultural Affairs and Commodity Policy. He has served in a variety of roles since, including most recently as a Deputy Assistant USTR.

The senior trade representative at the US Mission to the EU acts as an essential liaison for USTR in Brussels and helps to promote and to enact USTR’s transatlantic trade priorities, according to USTR.

Among other responsibilities at USTR, he was appointed to lead negotiations for agricultural market access and sanitary and phytosanitary commitments in free trade agreement negotiations with the United Kingdom and Kenya.

Prior to USTR, Mr. Rufino was a director for global strategies at the Consumer Brands Association, where he worked with consumer-packaged goods companies to coordinate advocacy with the World Health Organization and its regional bodies, and with governments throughout the Western Hemisphere on nutrition and commercial policies. He has also served as an International Trade Specialist at both the Departments of Commerce and Agriculture.


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